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Streamline your work with a smart system with many possibilities. Some of the largest resorts in the Nordics work in r360, who can also attest that our business system can grow along with it in the long term!

Mountain Bikers


Booking & Register module

The register maintenance in r360 takes care of all handling and setting up of the bookable range. Here, your staff can easily tailor a plan that suits your business. This is also where your booking staff administers and handles incoming bookings.

Accommodation (incl. camping)

In r360, you can easily administer your various accommodations (cottages, apartments, hotels, camping sites, etc.). Depending on your business, you can easily set up different area pools for easier booking and record keeping. Here you can also add mandatory accessories or sell more accessories.

Ski pass & Trail pass

In r360, you can manage the sale of ski passes via one of our partners, Skidata or Axess. When the ski passes are paid, they are activated directly at Skidata/Axess, depending on which supplier you have and if you offer season passes or trail passes, you can also sell these in the ski pass module.


The rental client enables advance booking of equipment. Here you can rent everything from skis, bicycles to canoes and SUP boards that are available at your facility. With a separate module, your staff in the rental can easily manage barcode scanning, multi-rental, checkout function and more.


In the activity module, you have the perfect booking and planning tool for all activities that are time- or resource-controlled. Here you can, for example, manage everything from ski school operations to SPA operations and easily differentiate between group bookings or, for example, private lessons.

Package & Conference

In r360 you caneasy package your booking types and work with conference bookings according to what suits your business.

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