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In r360 Online you will find a wide range of web-based products that facilitate both the guest experience as well as your own work. Here is our booking engine and much more!

Mountain Bikers


Booking engine

With our booking engine, your guests can easily book accommodation, rentals, activities and more. Here you get a booking experience at the forefront & where your customers can easily book and buy products or packages. This means that the guest gets everything in a shopping cart and with it only one purchase!

Agent portal

In r360, an agent can work in two different ways. Either via your own integration or against our agent portal. When a booking is made via the portal, it goes directly into the business system and you can see the booking.

Owner portal

Via the owner portal, the owner gets access to, among other things, his account report, booking overview and posted periods. Here they can also make their own bookings!

Administration portal

In the admin module, you can adjust the flow of the various oline products to get a flow that suits you and your facility.

Cleaning & Property

Using this module, property or cleaning can report and mark a unit directly in r360 for automatic check-in. The module also gives you an overall overview of the arrival/departure situation at the facility.

My Travel & My Ticket

Via My Travel, your visitors who live in an accommodation with a digitally connected lock can manage check-in/check-out themselves and take part in selected information from you.


Via my tickets, your visitors can instead pick up pre-booked ski tickets via a QR code in your machines.

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